Pat's Welcome at the church

Good morning everyone.

For those here today that I have not met - my name is Pat McEnery and I'm the fifth of seven children that Mum brought into the world.

On behalf of the family I would like to extend a very warm welcome for your attendance here today to join in this celebration of our mother's life.

Today you will learn a lot about Mum and hopefully retain some wonderful memories of what an incredible individual she has been throughout her 95 years.

In our formative years Mum was a bit of a tyrant - but in adulthood she was not only our mother - but also a treasured friend and confidante.

Mum loved being dealt in on a bit of family gossip or a secret - and Lord knows with a family the size of ours there was plenty - her eyes would light up and I swear to God it would add years to her life. Perhaps that's partly why she made 95 years.

Ron will tell you much more about Mum later but my sisters and I would like to share a few little funnies about our mother.

In later years Mum's hearing gradually became impaired and she would often misunderstand what had been said to her.

Alice reminded me about telling Nana Rene that her sister Louise was going on a scuba diving holiday to Vanuatu. This seemed to puzzle Mum until she asked Tom some time later - "what's a scuba driver?"

When my late sister Margaret's son Keiron first started work with Queensland Rail - he worked on the tilt train. Mum never did get this one right and it always was the "toot" train.

Telstra made a lot of money out of Mum as when she came up with these classics over the years we would be on the phone imparting them to each other and having a good laugh - definitely not at her - but with her.

One final story I would like to tell you happened earlier this year. Ron - as he has done for years - would go in and have lunch with Mum most days of the week.

This would generally be a sandwich or a salad but sometimes Ron would buy something different as a "treat" as Mum had been unable to leave the house much over the past few years and had relied on the family to do her shopping.

Anyway, this particular day Ron bought some sushI rolls for their lunch. This was a first for Mum..

Later that evening I was talking to her and asked what her day had been like and she said - she was not too keen on the black sausage rolls that Ron had brought in for their lunch.

I had to call Ron to ask what he had bought and was informed sushI rolls.

Mum was so laid back and humble she would not be wanting people to be sad today and I'm sure she has been chuckling to herself this week about what has been going on with the family in preparation for today. I can hear her saying "what's all the fuss about".

Would you all please stand for the "gathering hymn" for this special ceremony to celebrate the life of this very remarkable woman who was our mother.

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